Birds of Mauritius
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In Mauritius there are 9 species of endemic, 4 species of indigenous birds, 8  species of oceanic birds and 15 species of exotics .

Endemic Birds

In 1602, the Captain Willem Van Westzanen gave a first description of the  birds he found. He mentioned the existence of Pigeons, Parakeets, Sparrows,  Birds of Prey and Owls ,amongst others. A few years prior, in 1598, the men of  Vice Admiral Van Warwick encountered what is now the very symbol of extinction:  the Dodo ( Raphus cucullatus ). The flightless Dodo has been described as a  large bird with a very big hooked bill, lean and unpalatable in summer, fat and  tasty in winter. Within decades, the Dodo had become so rare that it was to be  seen only on very few occasions. The last reported sightings of Dodos were in  1662 on "Ile Aux Cerfs" and "Ile De L'Est". It most probably became extinct soon after.

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Endemic : species found only in Mauritius
Exotic : species introduced to the island by man
Indigenous : species found only within the Mascarene Islands
Oceanic Birds : species that live on the islets off the coast of Mauritius and  feed entirely from the sea


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