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Indigenous River Fishes

Three indigenous fresh water eels have been identified. They appear to be  identical to eels found in Madagascar.

They are:
(1) Anguilla marmorata
(2) Anguilla mossambica
(3) Anguilla bicolor bicolor

The Anguilla marmorata apparently can reach a length of up to 2 metres. It  has a pale yellow belly and a greenish brown back.

Anguilla mossambica is, on the other hand, much smaller than the above,  reaching a maximum of 1 metre 20 cms in length. It has a light coloured belly  and a brown back.

Anguilla bicolor bicolor is the smallest of the lot reaching a maximum size  of 65 cms only. It is olive in colour.

Indigenous river fishes include the Mauritian Carp (Dules rupestris) that can  weigh up to 1.5 kg, the Chitte of which exist two related species, the  Agrostomus telfairii and the Agrostomus dobuloides, finally the River Goby,  locally known as Cabot (Sicyopterus lagocephalus).


Introduced River or Pond Fishes

Introduced fishes include the Gouramy (Osphronemus offax) from Java, the Gold  Fish (Carassius auratus) known locally as Dame Cere, from Indonesia and the  Tilapia (Tilapia niloticus) from the African continent.

River Crustacea

Four species of edible crustacea exist.

These are:

(1) The River Prawn
(2) Colocasia Prawn
(3) The Betangue
(4) Small Prawns

(1) The River Prawn (Macrobrachium lar) locally known as Camaron is 8 to 10  cms long with dark red - violet scales and long pincers. The female is smaller  than the male and the eggs are carried by the female to brackish waters of  estuaries where the juveniles will hatch and grow.

(2) Colocasia Prawn (Macrobrachium australe) locally known as Chevrette de  Songe measures only 4 to 5 cms long and lives in slow moving waters. It lives  among outgrowths of Colocasia esculenta, a river plant, known locally as Brede  Songe. This plant is edible.

(3) The Betangue (Macrobrachium hirtimanus) appears to be endemic to the  Mascarene islands. It is 4 to 5 cms long and has a brownish and shiny armour and  thick claws.


(4) Small Prawns are known locally as petites chevrettes. These petites  chevrettes appears to consist of several species of small prawns. One of which  is endemic: The Caridina richtersi. The others are

(1) Caridina mauritii
(2) Caridina spathulirostris
(3) Caridina brachydactyla
(4) Caridina typus
(5) Caridina serratirostris
(6) Atya pilipes

These prawns are 1 to 3 cms long and live along shaded river banks. They are  much appreciated locally as food and are still abundant in some rivers.

Introduced Fresh Water Crustacean

The Rosenbergi Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) was introduced for fish pond  farming in the seventies. It is bred in ponds and can reach lengths of up to 12  cms. It is sold on the local market.


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